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What to do?

Does anyone else have a problem with binging? I go through this about once per month or six weeks or so - could be hormonal...could be stress related, either way - I'm tired of making excuses for myself on this because it leaves me feeling horrible about myself and my habits. This week I have had fast food french fries three times after not having had any for like 6 or 9 months, potato chips, also chocolate (which I do allow myself to have) but this week it has been cheap candy bars and brownies. What the heck!?! I don't know what is going on with my cravings(not pregnant). I have noticed that my appetite has been greater since joining the gym, but I've also increase fruit and raw veggie choices in my fridge. I also have a tendency to hide my food binging from others - I eat all these 'bad' foods when I am alone - I'm worried about people judging me for my bad food choices. When I say 'binging' - it is more related to the type of food than the amount at one time. Although I'd like to eat three candy bars at one time, even I have not gone that far. For example, the normal-appetite-me might have a cookie with my low fat Subway sandwich once in a three day period. The binging-appetite-me has had two candy bars, two brownies, and the afore mentioned french fries in a three day period. I feel gross - I have to stop this now or I will feel even worse. I know how to eat healthy, that is not the problem - I have studied it alot. The issue is when I feel like I lose control over my actions-the crazy thing is, I know what I'm doing, I know how I will feel afterwards, but I do it anyway. Weird.
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