healthygirl (healthygirl) wrote in weightchanges,

Two months at the gym

I just paid for the beginning of our third month at the gym. I am so happy with my progress as far as the gym goes. My endurance has definitely increased and I can trot up stairs and go across campus without getting winded. That's a good thing. Still having diet and nutritional woes - if anyone is interested take a look at my personal page - I'm like a nutritional bi-polar or something. Not to worry, today was great and it will get better. I know I have control over what I do. BTW, this is day 12 of my personal challenge. If anything, this is helping me stay focused. Oh, I never updated my weigh in. A 20lb loss would put me at 200 on the scale at work and 190 on my scale at home. We shall see. . .
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