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Update: Weight Watcher's Craze

It’s been a very long time since I’ve actually written in this community mostly because I haven’t really been following any weight lose program until recently. The truth of the matter was that my motivation just didn’t stick by and once that was gone it was back to the same old unhealthy habits of sitting around my couch consuming tubs of ice cream.

Since my move to Seattle, I’ve put on quite a bit of weight. Leaving Texas in the year of 2000, I would say I was about 220 pounds give or take 10 pounds. By the time I got here, a year later I was up to the 330 pound mark and I simply stayed in that place for as long as 4 years.

As a result of my apathy, I was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes. My thyroid sky rocketed from a steady level to one that has grown five times as high over the course of a year. I also spent the night at the most uncomfortable hospital because of a heart attack scare that turned out to be a false alarm.

That year I also lost my grandmother who I am still angry at for dying. I believe she committed a slow suicide caused by the same apathy that I have been displaying lately. With as many opportunities as she had to improve her life, she didn’t take them and I realized that I was playing the same deck of cards that she had been. The difference between my grandmother and I is that I don’t want to die.

I finally have gotten to the point in my life where I absolutely have no choice. If I want to live and be healthy, then I need to do something with myself that is not only going to work, but will keep me consistent. I didn’t want a fad diet that will help me lose all the weight in the world only to double it within a year. I didn’t want to restrict myself from not eating anything, because the worse thing about dieting is the depression. I have tons of that too.

One of the things I wanted to look into was Weight Watchers. Ironically, it was one of the programs my grandmother started on when she was younger and I remembered seeing old handouts from the 80s that described what this diet was like. It had given the impression of restrictions, which is what I didn’t want. I understood the common sense concept of portions, but I never appreciated restrictions one bit. However, weight watcher since then has gone a long way. I decided to take the first step and purchase that At Home program.

I started this program on October 27th. It’s a 12 week program (though you can take it further than 12 weeks) and they have two options that will suit your preference. As of today, I’ve lost 14 pounds. Some people might not see that as significant, but the truth is that every bit counts. I’ve gone from 330 a few years ago to 303. Those pounds being taken off my body made it so I can walk a little further without sounding like I’m about to die. The healthier you eat, the little bit you lose will help you get energized.

And even though I’m progressing as I am, there’s still an underlining frustration that comes with temptation. Sure I shouldn’t eat that chocolate cake at all, but deleting great high calorie foods from your life simply sucks. It’s the same issues that some people have when they have gastric bypass surgery. There are things they simply CAN NOT EAT. People become resentful when it happens. That’s part of my experiences though that diet. But as my friend Sylvia always says, “Sometimes you need to make sacrifices to get what you want.” I’m sure than when I get to a goaled weight I can eat some of these foods with a better idea of how much and how often.

All in all, I do recommend Weight Watchers as a step in the right and safe direction. If you’re expecting instant 20 pound weight loss in a week types of program, this isn’t for you. It’s one of the safest ways to lose weight. As long as you eat by your point level and exercise you will definitely see some results.

So here is my progress so far.
Starting weight is 317.5. 10% Target is 32 pounds in 12 weeks.
Ultimate Weight Goal is 285.5.

Weeks    Weight   Lose/Gain from Previous Week    Total Loss/Gain
 1       313.6              -3.9                      -3.9
 2       311.4              -2.2                      -6.1
 3       309.8              -1.6                      -7.7
 4       303.4              -6.4                      -14.1

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